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Shubhra Chaturvedi


"As an artist I find Shubhra's works to be lyrical. I am impressed with her photography and that she commits herself to both the camera and the brush with equal enthusiasm."

Portrait of an artist as a student
A corporate dropout, resurrected as an experimentative artist, is perhaps the best way to introduce Shubhra. Based in Delhi, but a vagabond at heart, she traverses mediums as easily as she travels from the beaches of Goa to the hills of Uttarakhand. Her explorations have seen her work adeptly with multiple textures and forms as a painter, an installation artist, at times a sculptor and a constant photographer. 

The adventures of Shubhra into the wonderland of art formally began at Sangeet Shyamla Academy under the mentorship and the guidance of Vasundhara Tewari Broota, in 2004. Mirrored in her works are elements that are inspired by the importance of a sustainable way of life and harmony with nature.  Her deep resonance with relevant and topical social, political and gender issues, fires up the activist within this artist and is invariably reflected with vehemence in her expression.

To expand her canvass, Shubhra picked up photography in 2006 under the aegis of Shailan Parker and Joginder Singh. The camera has since become her constant companion, faithfully capturing, curating and creating unique perspectives of nature-culture, heritage and people.


Shubhra has had several shows (group and solo) and commissions in public and private spaces to her credit. From public art installation at five Delhi Metro stations to murals, from mixed media canvas to photo art, Shubhra’s works have been fraught with experimentation, playing with a variety of themes, and techniques.

She is currently working under the guidance of Rameshwar Broota at Triveni Art Department.

Portrait of an artist as a teacher
From a student of art to a teacher, Shubhra ventured into the world of workshops and retreats. Aimed at opening young minds and helping older ones discover the joy of art.

During the pandemic lockdowns, her online art workshops for children and adults found enthusiastic takers.

She has been successfully conducting online sessions called Mindful Strokes with varied groups of people using art as a tool to meditate, de-stress, heal, and discover self, especially during the tough times that ensued due to the pandemic.

Continuing to experiment, she has started a unique concept of a 4-day art retreat called Vacation Hues in offbeat locales. Thus far she has completed 9 of these in different regions of the Himalayas and the Konkan region, initiating participants into the world of art.

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