Shubhra Chaturvedi


"As an artist I find Shubhra's works to be lyrical. I am impressed with her photography and that she commits herself to both the camera and the brush with equal enthusiasm."

A full-time painter, an installation artist, a sculptor, a photographer, and an experimenter, Shubhra delved into the kaleidoscope of colours, textures and form several years ago, choosing the open road over an enticing career as a media professional. Following her inner voice, she has been on a journey that has been an abundant one laden with constant exploration, learning along with teaching and contributing. But those who know Shubhra closely know that hers is an odyssey of courage, hard work, evolution, and constant faith.


Trained in painting at Sangeet Shyamla Academy by Rajesh Sharma, and currently, under the mentorship of Vasundhara Tewari Broota, Shubhra’s approach is that of dialogue in textures and form. Her transition from a capitalist/consumerist world to the social and creative world allows her to view things differently. A sustainable life, dialogue with surroundings, social, political and gender issues inspire her, as can be seen in her works.


Always evolving in terms of style and medium, Shubhra, in 2006, took up photography, under the aegis of Shailan Parker and Joginder Singh, which today forms an essential part of her visual language. Her quest for evolution and exploration has also led her towards installation art, which in a way is her dialogue with the world as well as a tribute to its culture, heritage, and peoples.


Shubhra has several shows (group and solo) and commissions in public and private spaces to her credit. From public art installation at five Delhi Metro stations to murals, from mixed media canvas to photo art, Shubhra’s recent works have been fraught with experimentation, playing with a variety of themes, and techniques. With a view to help others view the world through the prism of art, Shubhra has been conducting workshops and art retreats with groups of people. She also conducts sessions on using art as a tool to meditate, de-stress, heal and discover yourself.