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An Art Retreat with Shubhra Chaturvedi

Vacation Hues Art Retreat is for people who have either never painted but been interested in painting, or have painted but left the passion long back as life happened, or do paint but find themselves stuck and want to break the creative block.

Vacation Hues is a concept where an experience is combined with a vacation at beautiful locales, like the mountains, jungles, the riverside or even by the sea…

The format is that people come for 4 days to a scenic location and immerse themselves in drawing, sketching and painting. We introduce fun art exercises using unconventional tools. Trying to break the set ideas associated with art. We screen movies on art and artists, go for walks and also explore the place and its food. It's 4-day of total bonding.


We tie up with homestay owners to host the retreat at their homestays. It is open to people of all ages, even kids. Whatever is created at the retreat is taken away by the participants. The community of Vacation Huers stays in touch and keeps growing...

Come Nest Away with Shubhra Chaturvedi

1Shubhra Art Retreat Poster (goa retreat)
2Shubhra Art Retreat Poster (goa retreat
3Shubhra Art Retreat Poster (sonapani re
4Shubhra Art Retreat Poster (himalayan r
5Shubhra Art Retreat Poster (Himalica -
7Vacation Hues @ Birdsong, Chamoli.jpg
6Vacation Hues @Red Brick Quarters,Bhowa
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